The Disney MTR

Actually there are many ways to go to the Disneyland. But since our hotel was very close to the MRT station, we decided to take MTR (Hongkong called their MRT by MTR) to… Continue reading

Hong Kong Disneyland, is that it?

It brought me to my biggest surprise that Hong Kong Disneyland was very small. Maybe it’s the smallest Disneyland or even the smallest theme park I’ve ever been on! Not to brag, but… Continue reading

Causeway Corner Apt

In this post, I will make a review about our hotel –well actually it is a serviced apartment- though our room is very small but it’s enough for us with a huge luggage… Continue reading

A Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend, I think lately life is mean to us. I feel that there is a huge gap lying between us. It’s like I can see you but I cannot reach you. I… Continue reading

Say Hello to the City

Our first day in Hong Kong was wonderful. We arrived in Hong Kong at 4.00 pm (Hong Kong time is one hour ahead from Jakarta). Once I stepped my foot in Hong Kong… Continue reading

Honey and The Moon

Well, hello again. Another happy post from us 🙂   As I mention in the previous post, since we’re newlyweds (at that time), we went on our honeymoon. Actually it is not a… Continue reading

Me + Him = Happy

Okay, enough with all the sadness and depression, now it’s time to move on (starting from this blog, hopefully it would contagious to my real life)! So, now I’ll skip onto another post.… Continue reading


*image taken from here Every day I try to convince myself that I’m happy with my job, when I can actually say that I love what I’m doing right now. But if that’s… Continue reading

Hello world!

Okay, let’s get this thing started. Actually I have wanted to have my own blog for a very long time. But I just never got a perfect time to create one until today.… Continue reading