Once Upon a Time in My Neverland

If Peter Pan has a Neverland, I too have my own Neverland. The place could be anywhere as long as He and I went traveling together. I just love traveling; Got lost in… Continue reading

The book of answer

For the record, this event happened long before I got married: One day I walked through Kinokuniya Book Store. There is one book in particular that catches my eyes; the title was “The… Continue reading

Bali, Here we Come!

Maybe you haven’t notice or maybe you did, but yes, I and he are both of a travel junkie. Ever since we were dated back then, every time we got bored with life… Continue reading

Protected: Not My Sweet Escape Apparently

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


  Thank god I have a husband who loves travelling as much as I do. And we now we are saving for our ultimate dream: TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD, Literary around the world,… Continue reading

Back to the Reality

We went to Hongkong + Macau for 6 days, 4 days in Hongkong and 2 days in Macau. Since there are lots of places that we visited in HK and Macau so we… Continue reading

Little Venice in Asia

On our second day in Macau, we went to Venetian. It is one of the biggest resort slash mall slash casino in Macau. Inside The Venetian there is an artificial lake that has… Continue reading

It’s Lisboa Where We’re Staying At

If you’ve been wondering where were we’re staying at in Macau, the answer is: Lisboa. Basically, the Hotel architecture is good enough, but it may seem a little old. But if you just… Continue reading

Random Thought

Goodbye was never easy; it’s rough, cruel, and dark. That’s why I prefer to say “I’ll see you soon then” rather saying goodbye. In the hope that we might see each other again… Continue reading

Ola’ Macau

Since we can get to apply Visa on Arrival in Macao, so without any second thought we decided to traveled pass the border to Macao. The journey from Hongkong to Macau should be… Continue reading