Previously on our journey in the years of trying: Dokter Ivan menyarankan kita *gw* untuk melakukan pemeriksaan HSG. Test HSG juga ada syaratnya: Tanggal pemeriksaannya harus antara hari ke-9 sampe hari ke-12 setelah… Continue reading

Years of Trying Starts Now!!!

Previously on my Blog: Dr. Ivan (our obgyn) asked us to wait for a year, and if still no “luck” then we can come back to him. After a year of marriage -year… Continue reading

Finding the Right Doctor for Us

Well, actually there’s nothing wrong with my first Obgyn, I even adore him. In my opinion, he such a good doctor, very professional, and very straight forward, which I like it very much.… Continue reading

When It First Discover

Never in my life had I thought I would post this kind of stories. At first, I don’t want to share this part of my life because it’s hard for us as it… Continue reading

First time is the hardest

Well, first of all I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All of you.. May this year will brings a lot of happiness and blessing from the up… Continue reading

Nothing like you and I, baby!

Despite our age we refuse to get old…. Once in a while I still dance to your guitar and just have fun….. Hanging out with our friends and be completely stupid….. Laugh so… Continue reading

Another Vacation (Domestic)!

Long weekend is here, so I and couple of best friends were planning to go on a vacation, Pangandaran is the destination. I’m so excited for this vacation; the reason is because I’m… Continue reading

Yippie, It is Thanks Giving!!!

Happy thanksgiving you all!! Image taken from here Well actually there is no such tradition in Indonesia, but I just want to show my gratitude for what I have got this year. And… Continue reading

If I Could, I would

New Month Means New Hope But as day goes by, another disappointment arise It keeps on repeating from one month to another Makes me feel like giving up But life doesn’t work that… Continue reading

Fiction # Story 2

Well, this post is actually I re-posted from my other blog but I really really like this short story so I decided to post it in here as well.. Hope u guys enjoy… Continue reading