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One side of Coins: Win or Lose

Win or lose It’s like one side of a coins Sometimes you win The other times you lose… It is one way or the other. And maybe this time I lose! But I’ve learned,… Continue reading

Decision Making….

Decision making was not an easy thing to do. Even in my studies, we have a specific subject for it. Before we make a right justification, we should know first how well can… Continue reading

Here, I give you: The World

  Do you remember earlier this month five years ago is the day when we first met? We instantly fell in love with each other and today were our first date. Maybe you… Continue reading

Extremely Exhausted

“Why life is so hard on us Kakak?” I asked him the other day. “Why can’t we be just like others, their life seems soo great and full of happiness.” “Are you trying… Continue reading

Put my Life on Hold, will I?

How I wish I can put my life on hold, but can I do that? Or maybe the real question is not “can I?” BUT “will I?” I wonder do I have that… Continue reading

I wonder….

As much as I try to be tough but at the end of the day of course I will breakdown and cry, I’m still a human after all. I wonder how they do… Continue reading

Protected: Stupid Thought

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

If I Could, I would

New Month Means New Hope But as day goes by, another disappointment arise It keeps on repeating from one month to another Makes me feel like giving up But life doesn’t work that… Continue reading

Ketika Rindu itu Tak Mau Pergi

As you all aware, this is my first post using Bahasa, but I cannot help it, I just need a medium to share my sadness 😦 Image taken from here ________________________________________________________________________________________ Rasa itu… Continue reading

(Not) A Writer’s Block

*image taken from here* It’s been a while since my last writing. Believe me; a lot of things had happened in the past few weeks… But I just did not know how to… Continue reading