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Ayana, Finaly!!!

I know it’s way too late but what can I do, my writing mood still has no show. Since I really want to share about Ayana, I’ll just make it brief, yes? So… Continue reading

Here, I give you: The World

  Do you remember earlier this month five years ago is the day when we first met? We instantly fell in love with each other and today were our first date. Maybe you… Continue reading

Extremely Exhausted

“Why life is so hard on us Kakak?” I asked him the other day. “Why can’t we be just like others, their life seems soo great and full of happiness.” “Are you trying… Continue reading

I wonder….

As much as I try to be tough but at the end of the day of course I will breakdown and cry, I’m still a human after all. I wonder how they do… Continue reading

Dear My Dearest

  Words were not enough to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. From day 1 we found this situation you were nothing but incredibly wonderful, with all your… Continue reading

I want to Get Lost

we’ll run somewhere far faraway and never look back I know you miss traveling. But due to so many reasons, lately we have not been able to travel, I know it’s mostly because… Continue reading

Protected: Stupid Thought

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Nothing like you and I, baby!

Despite our age we refuse to get old…. Once in a while I still dance to your guitar and just have fun….. Hanging out with our friends and be completely stupid….. Laugh so… Continue reading

Life is Full of Random Surprise

This is just a random thought from some random girl in a random world. Since Memories fade inevitable, I would like to dedicate all my thoughts in this little space called blog, a… Continue reading

Once Upon a Time in My Neverland

If Peter Pan has a Neverland, I too have my own Neverland. The place could be anywhere as long as He and I went traveling together. I just love traveling; Got lost in… Continue reading