Short Vacation in Tanjung Lesung

In the hustle and bustle of our daily life, once again we’ve manage to have a weekend getaway. Yes I know it’s been awhile but what choice do I have, I still haven’t got my annual leave (excuses, excuses). Where we headed this time, its TANJUNG LESUNG.

Why Tajung Lesung? It’s “only” 5 hours drive from Jakarta. So yeah it’s still relatively close, right?

The review? The beach is not the kind of beach that can take your breath away, but it’s still beautiful anyhow. It is coral sand beach therefore it’s hard to walk on the sand.

What I love the most is its very quiet, only few people came to that beach.

What activity we did? We rent kayak and watch as the sun went down, we went snorkeling twice and the coral is so beautiful. We also rent a tandem bike and relaxing on the bay.

Near the resort there is a beach namely Bodur beach and it’s much more beautiful than in Tanjung Lesung beach club. The sand is not coral sand so it’s not hard to walk on by. Too bad we discover the Bodur beach later on.

Short story shorter, we really enjoyed our time in Tanjung Lesung and willing to come back. Now, please enjoy the picture!

photo 4

photo 3 photo 2 (1)

photo 1