Decision Making….


Decision making was not an easy thing to do. Even in my studies, we have a specific subject for it. Before we make a right justification, we should know first how well can we make a decision. But long before that, we should know first our personality, our decision style, how we interpret things and what our communication style is.

There is no right or wrong in decision making, and actually the problem is not when you make the decision. The problems start right after you make that decision. What consequences follows your decision, have you make a proper plan to support your act regarding the decision you make, have you known about what might happens from your decision, and how well you prepare the unpredictable things. All of those elements should be your consideration when you decide something, because when it’s done there is no turning back, well at least not for me.

Regret is just pointless isn’t it? There is no good come from regrets. What has done is done and once the decision has been made, no matter how bad it is, you just have to move forward, right? But honestly, at that time moving from that office was seems the right thing to do, most logical thing to do and it appears that it was the best thing to do. But as always, when reality hits it hit hard.

Now, I’m in doubt. This, I was unaware of, totally unprepared and now I think I’m in doomed. Why on earth was I thinking moving from that steady office, the easy breezy office, not doing nor thinking anything kind of office? Maybe this is the worst decision I have ever made but I will never know, just let things flow. Time will tell.

do believe that someday somehow life will find its own way to fix everything one step at a time as long as we keep trying. Hard work will always come with rewards, so yes, maybe moving from my lovey dovey office could be the worst decision in my life but hey, I’m not afraid. I know I deserve better than that. But what do I deserve, I still don’t know. I still am searching for my best to come. I know it will be soon enough, I think it’s just around the corner, right in front of my nose, yes I know, I can tell. Just be patient as I always do.


Waiting Patiently (as always),