Ayana, Finaly!!!

I know it’s way too late but what can I do, my writing mood still has no show. Since I really want to share about Ayana, I’ll just make it brief, yes? So instead of Ora Beach resort, we decided to go to Ayana for our second anniversary. It was beyond words: the hotel was magnificent, the service was beyond excellent, the view from our room and the facility was incredible, short story shorter it was just like a dream. For the whole day we just exploring the resort complex, play in the private beach, swim with the most incredible view, enjoying sunrise and sunset, great bar, everything was so magical (me being hyperbolic).

Thus the conclusion is, we decided to make Ayana as our place for anniversary, so yes, we’ll be coming back next December.. Wait for us Ayana! Here’s some picture of me mesmerized by the incredible view from the swimming pool. Love every minute of it, wish we could return soon enough, however Ayana will be our anniversary tradition. ^0^



*well actually for next year we’re thinking to stay at Banyan Tree, but Ayana still a must. Maybe 2 days in Banyan and 1 day in Ayana, or vice versa. Cannot decide yet. Any thoughts?


Want to stay forever at Ayana,