Maybe Our Miracle is Waiting Just Around The Corner

Well apparently my instinct was right, as always. Oh how I wish I was wrong, but my life will never be that easy, right? So yup, as I predicted, the IUI didn’t work its magic this time, better luck next time. But there will be no next time, because I don’t want to try IUI anymore, it’s time to jump to the ultimate effort: IVF! Maybe the miracle is on the next exit, so never stop trying and believing!!!!


Want to hear the stories? Here it is:

18 September 2013

We did the IUI with dr. Irham Suheimi in BIC Menteng. After the procedure, the nurse said if I haven’t got my period on October 6th then I should do the Test Pack. If my cycle is in normal condition, I will have my period on October 4th .

19 – 26 September 2013

Carry on my normal activity, fever come and go, stomach cramps mostly at the evening, backache, sometimes nausea.. Is it the sign? Yes, but apparently it’s not a sign of happiness aka pregnancy. But the sign of I’m actually ill but I choose to ignore it just because I thought maybe once in a blue moon miracle do happens.

27 September 2013

As scheduled, I went to a business trip to Surabaya for 3 days. When I was leaving Jakarta I felt extremely exhausted but nothing I couldn’t handle so I decided to go anyway, after all the ticket is already bought.

Arrived at Surabaya my body went from sh*t to hell, it’s aching everywhere and my temperature was spiked. After the IUI, I had a fever come and go for a week but this time I’m sure it’s very very high, too bad I didn’t bring my thermometer. Previously I didn’t want to take any medicine (better safe than sorry right?) but since now I’m pretty positive that I’m negative so I just take some paracetamol , at this point it won’t bring me more harm right?

28 September 2013

After a very rough night, first thing in the morning I started to feel some flow. So yeah I know that my cycle will come anytime soon. And by soon I mean really soon, today soon, a few hour soon. As always, I am freaking right, I wish I wasn’t but I was.

If I said I didn’t cry it was a total lie. There was no way I am that strong, as a human of course I have hope and faith, although I try to prepare myself for the worst case scenario but I just can’t help myself to dream and have a little of hope. After all the symptoms were there, the cramps, the soreness, the sickness, the nausea, etc. So I just cannot resist the temptation to dream.

 Lesson learn:

If I am about to start another program remind me that I have to slow myself down a little bit.  I will take my personal leave and try to do the program during the study break. So hopefully on December the story will have a different ending, different in a happy way of course. Thus for now, I just have to enjoying life, work and school altogether with the supporting program: acupuncture, vitamin, healthy food, etc.

Btw, I would like to plan a getaway for our second anniversary. Any idea? Ora Beach Resort in Maluku sounds great, doesn’t it?