Ora Beach Resort Maluku Or Ayana Bali?

As I said on my previous post, since the IUI failed, me and my husband have decided it’s time for us to have a vacation. After all, it’s been a while since our last travelling and how I miss my never land. This time, we decided to go local, somewhere close but very nice. The choices are down into two option:

  1. Ora Beach Resort in Maluku


*Image taken from here

(+) We both never been to Maluku and from what we heard it’s pretty fantastic. The resort is located right in the water, just like Bora-Bora. When you open your door, the ocean is right in front of you. You can just jump from your balcony to the freakin’ ocean. Just see the pic above, pretty amazing right?

(-) The transportation cost is very expensive. The resort price itself I think it’s a good bargain, but the flight cost to Ambon is very expensive. For 2 adults the flight will cost us around IDR5.5 mio from Jakarta to Ambon. While for accommodation is Ora Beach Resort, here is the package deal from the resort rep:

KAMAR  DARAT         GANTUNG          LAUT
1 ORG   RP 4.150.000     RP 4.350.000        RP 4.750.000
2 ORG   RP 2.550.000      RP 2.650.000       RP 2.900.000
4 ORG   RP 2.000.000      RP 2.050.000       RP 2.300.000

KAMAR DARAT          GANTUNG          LAUT
1 ORG   RP 4.800.000     RP 5.100.000        RP 5.700.000
2 ORG   RP 3.000.000     RP 3.150.000        RP 3.450.000
4 ORG   RP 2.400.000     RP 2.550.000        RP 2.850.000

KAMAR DARAT        GANTUNG            LAUT
1 ORG   RP 5.450.000     RP 5.850.000        RP 6.650.000
2 ORG   RP 3.450.000     RP 3.650.000        RP 4.000.000
4 ORG   RP 2.900.000     RP 3.050.000        RP 3.350.000

Harga paket termasuk:
• Transport (Dari Airpot / kota Ambon, PP)
• Kamar (darat atau laut)
• Makan (sarapan pagi, makan siang dan malam serta teh/kopi/snack)
• Tour ke Air Belanda, tebing batu dan desa Sawai

*All price shown May be subject to change… This is up date per October 2013. If you are interested to go there, you can contact: orabeachresort@yahoo.com

2. Ayana Beach Resort – Bali



*Both image taken from here

The other option was: Bali but staying at Ayana Beach Resort. We both love, love this place. The resort is fantastic. Even though Bali is already like our second home but Ayana is still something special.

(+) Total cost will be the same but with different comfort. The resort is fantastic as you can see from the picture. If we choose to go here, we can just relaxing without the temptation to go somewhere else (since we’ve been to Bali million times).

(-) Is already common and we have stayed here several times.

Which one we’ll choose, we still don’t know yet. I really want to see other places like Ambon, but the transportation seriously need more effort and cost. While in Ayana Bali, the temptation to just enjoying the resort sounds very interesting too. So yeah, we haven’t decided anything yet. But if I have to vote, I will vote Ayana.

The idea of doing nothing is really something right??