Extremely Exhausted


“Why life is so hard on us Kakak?” I asked him the other day. “Why can’t we be just like others, their life seems soo great and full of happiness.”

“Are you trying to say that you are not happy with me?” He asked me back furiously.

Me:  “No, that’s not what I am trying to say. You know I didn’t mean that way. I believe you know exactly what I mean.”

Him: “I know you probably think now our life is sucks. But try to look the other way around. Try to see it from different perspective. Maybe you’ll get another point of view. Happiness lies within yourself you know. You are the one who determine whether you feel happy or not. Don’t let our problem dictate your life Dek. God planned us this way it must be for a reason. Just try to take one step at a time, see how far we can go. Maybe the result will amaze you.”

Just like that, he took my breath away. Once again, he took all my misery and pain with just a blink of an eye, and how I love him for that. Maybe we encounter with this kind of trouble because god want to constantly remind me how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband. Happy five years anniversary my love, ever since the first eye contact I know you are the one. Though our journey is not always smooth; lots and lots of bumps here and there on every step of our pathways, but hey, it’s you and me. I know we will work things out just like we always did. Someday somehow we will find a way to conquer everything. Because it’s you and me, as always.