Put my Life on Hold, will I?


How I wish I can put my life on hold, but can I do that? Or maybe the real question is not “can I?” BUT “will I?” I wonder do I have that much courage to leave everything behind, even just for a moment. God knows how I really want to go out there, exploring the world, exploring me, exploring you, exploring us even deeper. I sometimes think that maybe we have this fate is because god still want us to travel, to explore, to really go out there and try to scrape the iceberg few more layer.

I had a dream.

A dream where there is only you and me; everyone else is just a stranger

A dream where I found us surround in happiness

A dream where I can actually see me smiling

From dusk till dawn all I hear was just me and you laughing so hard

Dancing so beautifully

But life is not only about a dream, or does it?

Waking up,