I wonder….

life sucks

As much as I try to be tough but at the end of the day of course I will breakdown and cry, I’m still a human after all. I wonder how they do it. I wonder how they can survive during those years trying to conceive, with all the endless disappointment every month. It’s tough as hell. Never occur in my mind that it’s going to be this hard. I think it’s more than hell, I think now I’m in the hell of hell. Please, somebody tell me how they through it day to day basis?

Life SUCKS, I know! It just does. And hell yeah I’m trying to deal with it! I know I will win someday somehow. They said that if you sincerely really-really want something then the Universe will conspire to make your wishes come true.

So here I am, hoping all the best. And I know someday my entire journey: all my troubles, misery, sadness, all those tears and pain will bring me a better compensation. It all will be beautiful, I will too be happy, it just the matter of time. I know, I believe.

 What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.

Extremely Tired,