Takigawa Meat Bar in The Sky

When I see my blog, I just realize that lately my life is full of TTC since we’re in the Year of Trying. But hey, it doesn’t stop us to have fun and be stupid once in a blue moon. So, last weekend we decided to do so. It’s been awhile since our last visit to Bandung; so many things have change since the last time only 2 months ago.

If you asked what to do in Bandung, off course we would answer culinary right away. Bandung is a food paradise. Not only have they sold rather unique food but also the view and the restaurant, so peaceful and beautiful.

Our first restaurant visit is: Richesse Factory in Pahlawan Street. The fire wings is sooooo good and fiery. If you have low tolerance on spicy food please DON’T EVER try this food, or if you insist, you could try the level 0 (ZERO).

Me on the other hand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spicy food, spicier the better. I used to have a high tolerance of spicy food, but this time I try their maximum level (level 5), I think it’s not tolerable for me. I no longer can enjoy the food; all I can taste is chili, pepper and fireee. Then I order another food, crispy chicken with spicy sauce level 3. I think this is the perfect level for me. I still can feel challenged with the spiciness but also can enjoy the deliciousness of the fried chicken. But my husband still cannot tolerate this level, I think for him is level two, which I believe it’s still consider as spicy for most people.

Then, at night we went to the new hip restaurant in Bandung, well at least that’s what my friend told me. But the wait list is kind of long, so I think it’s quite “happening” for now. Okay, the restaurant name is Takigawa and Meat Bar in The Sky. My review for the restaurant is: the view is spectacular, the elevator is unique, the service at waiting section is quite good and fast but service inside (ordering food etc) is rather so-so.

And for the food, actually there are 2 restaurant on the same place: Takigawa – plus – Meat Bar. Where Takigawa is specialist on Japanese food and Meat Bar is on Steak. It’s quite unique actually; you can order either sushi or steak on the same waiter. As for the taste, maybe you have heard Takigawa and in my opinion their sushi is still okay, not that good but not bad as well, and I think they specialized in fusion sushi. Too Bad I didn’t order the steak, neither my husband so I cannot tell you whether it’s good or bad. But I did order the cookies with ice cream from the Meat Bar and I can tell you that the taste is TERRIBLE, the cookie on the pan is totally burnt, so hard to chew and the vanilla ice cream is so-so. Not recommended. But with that kind of view, who wants to care about the food? Me off course!!! Maybe other menu will be better, but definitely I will go back because the place is so cozy. Hope they serve better food next time I come to visit.




Craving for a good holiday,