Dear My Dearest



Words were not enough to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. From day 1 we found this situation you were nothing but incredibly wonderful, with all your patience that is deeper than the ocean. Not only you’re my lover but from time to time you can also transform as my shoulder to cry, my extra energy, my “pain killer” when I raged with how unfair life was.

I know dealing with my entire hormonal and emotional outcome, the ups and downs, can be very tiring. How most of the time I became so selfish; every time the reality hit I take it on you. Yes I know, This road is weary and how I wish it will soon be over. Deep down inside I hope we’ll see the light in the end of the tunnel soon enough. But for now, all we have is just hope.

That is why I’m writing this post is for you. To tell you: how incredible person you are, how I feel grateful to have you and be your wife. I do believe not all men can hold to this kind of situation, but you dear my dearest, has the heart made of gold. You accept all the fact, me having difficulty, and still have the strength to pick me up from time to time, take the bullets of my anger while still loving me endlessly. So here it is, dear my dearest. Hope it will soon to be beautiful.

Being Grateful,