Finding the Right Doctor for Us

Well, actually there’s nothing wrong with my first Obgyn, I even adore him. In my opinion, he such a good doctor, very professional, and very straight forward, which I like it very much. If you asked: “Why you changed your doctor then?” The answer is quite simple: I need an Obgyn specialize in fertility, to treat this damned endometriosis.

After spent days and weeks googled the “Perfect Doctor”, then we finally found dr. Ivan Sini, he even has his own website. By reading many discussion forums, other people blogs like this and this, I can tell that my case is his expertise. So the decision has been made, now it’s time to make an appointment. I tried to contact the hospital, but it took them forever to pick up the phone, but hey I’m not giving up! I called them over and over and over again until it reached the operator.

When I think things will be easier after someone picked up my call, the challenge didn’t stop there. Apparently it is not that simple to make an appointment with dr. Ivan, it took me two weeks just to get a spot for our first appointment. When the day come (February 2012), he said that it’s still too early for us to start any kind of treatment/program, since -at that time- we just got married one month ago. He asked us to wait for a year, if still no luck then we should start a treatment to cure the damn endometriosis.

From our first meeting with dr. Ivan, I can tell that he’s the perfect doctor for us. Without a doubt, we’re absolutely sure that he is very expertise in this area, besides he is very compassionate, very detail, very friendly, and we can tell that he has a great heart. So we hope, with God permit -through this doctor- miracle could happen.


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