Another Vacation (Domestic)!

Long weekend is here, so I and couple of best friends were planning to go on a vacation, Pangandaran is the destination. I’m so excited for this vacation; the reason is because I’m going with my fellow journalist. We were once a colleague when I’m still working in Tempo, though now I’m no longer worked there yet we still remains good friends.

Finding the right time for holiday is hard for all of them, since they don’t have the exact working hour. So I feel grateful they manage to put our holiday time in their agenda. Before the D-day we booked a travel car for our 3 days journey.

Back in my time in Tempo, I was stationed with these 5 new fellows, so there are 6 of us trying to be a great journalist. But in the end, 2 of us (including me) resigned, but my friends who resign from Tempo continue her profession as a journalist in other media. Aside from 6 of us, I brought my husband into the loop, since he is also a journalist so they blend in very well. My other friend also brought her BF into the loop and one more person from my other friend (which is later become my other friend BF). So there are 9 of us having so much great time.

Our ultimate agenda is to visit the Green Canyon (Pangandaran version) but when we got there it was rain all day long until we come back to Jakarta so it is still impossible to do the body rafting, then we just ride a boat to see the beauty of green canyon and lots of time spent in the beaches around Pangandaran. Here’s the pic 🙂