Yippie, It is Thanks Giving!!!

Happy thanksgiving you all!!

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Well actually there is no such tradition in Indonesia, but I just want to show my gratitude for what I have got this year. And pray so hard that all bless will last. That is why I am grateful for:

  1. Having such a wonderful first year of marriage
  2. Having such a wonderful husband who always support me in every way, who has the unlimited patience (I know I can be such a bitch most of the time)
  3. Having such a wonderful family, who I believes will stand by me through heaven and hell phase of my life
  4. Having such a wonderful friends who always there for me, hold my hand and help me through everything
  5. Having the opportunity to continue my study, which has always been my dream to be enroll in master degree program
  6. Ability to afford myself in this kind of condition
  7. Receiving my first bonus
  8. Having the opportunity to exploring other country
  9. Celebrating my niece’s first birthday
  10. And so many other blessing that I cannot mention it one by one

Deep from my heart I wish all of you also have a lot of things that you can be thankful for.

Best Regards,