If I Could, I would

New Month Means New Hope

But as day goes by, another disappointment arise

It keeps on repeating from one month to another

Makes me feel like giving up

But life doesn’t work that way

It doesn’t let you to giving up

Next thing you know, you just keep on drowning

And when you think you already reaching the lowest level

It appears that there is another layer down below

That’s what my life feels like

I don’t know how low I could drown

I don’t know how many water I should swallow

I don’t know when will I touch the bottom of the sea, Will I?

I just pray and pray so hard that someday someway I will find my redemption

That finally one day, I could wake up and have all my prayers being answered.

And here I am, once again, back to the beginning of the cycle.

How to break it? I don’t know.

But If I could, I would…