Fiction # Story 2

Well, this post is actually I re-posted from my other blog but I really really like this short story so I decided to post it in here as well.. Hope u guys enjoy it 🙂


The Girl: Please, please, please, give me some miracle. Please, just this time and I’ll be good, I’ll be a believer.

She closed her eyes, roll her dice and ready to throw it away to the gaming table, when suddenly……….

Random guy: Wait, let me blow it for you. They said it brings luck.

She handed him her hands that covering the dice and let him blow it without saying a thing. And now she is ready. She is ready to put it on the table, gives her everything at stake and just go with what destiny has to offer.

                “Double six,” said some man. “Congratulation lady, now these all yours.”

The Girl: What?  |  F*ck!  |  Seriously?  |   Me, Won?  |  Woo hoo..  | 10,000 bucks?

Spontaneously, she run and hugs him tight, so very tight. “Thank you, thank you. Guess it’s true, You bring me luck,” she said.

               Random guy: Now, where shall we eat? I deserve at least a dinner, am I?

                The girl: But I don’t know you.

Random guy: You said you’ll be a believer, didn’t you?
Random Guy: You can call me Lucid, by the way.

The Girl: De’Ville