(Not) A Writer’s Block

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It’s been a while since my last writing. Believe me; a lot of things had happened in the past few weeks… But I just did not know how to express it. The highlight is that I’m extremely tired and exhausted. Please, please, please, I need a sweet escape, I need it like IMMEDIATELY!! I was soo frustrated until I don’t know what to write anymore. Looks like I got the writer’s block (though I will not call myself as a writer)…..

Lately, there are a lot of regret, a lot of “If Only” in my mind. I can’t help but wonder how to ease my chest from the contrition? But hey, life is full of random surprise isn’t it? You never know where the road might take you.. So now, I’ll try to be more patience to walk the rocky road because i know it will lead me to a place that could take my breath away, just like you did!