Eat My Fear Out

We’re really glad that we decided to go to the USS. There are plenty of rides that amazed us with the technology and very thrilling. One particular ride that fears me the most is the Battlestar Galactica, it is a rollercoaster rides. They have two lines, blue and red. The blue one is the most terrifying rollercoaster I have ever seen. What make it different from other rollercoaster is the seats positions. You did not sit in a full seat but half hanging (sorry for my bad description) it’s better to look at the picture my husband took:


You can see feet are hanging right? Compare to ordinary one (the red line):


Scary right? For me, a girl who has fear with heights off course it is challenging. I even question myself, is it really worth it to took the ride. But hey, it won’t hurt me right and it’s a 1 minute ride, what could happen in just one minute? Also I don’t want to go home with regrets. So I push myself to the edge and just do it though I did not take the front nor back row seat but it’s enough for me today. Maybe next time I’ll take the front row seat. And hell I’m so glad that I push myself that way.



No regrets,