# 1 Cullinary Post: Chung Gi Wa

Culinary Post is coming

Okay, I haven’t done this before but have always wanted to write a review about culinary experience that I have encounter. So, as a start I should write my favorite restaurant at this moment. Can anyone guess?

It’s a Korean Barbeque restaurant ooh how I love the taste, the meat they serve, the hospitality, the wine, everything. Ever since my sister took us out to this particular restaurant I can’t stop craving for the food and drinks they served.

Curious? Its’s Chung Gi Wa I’m talking about. Seriously, I love how they served the meat, so tender yet crisp, very juicy and tasteful. When they grill, they put a clove of garlic beside the meat so it burns together and gives extra flavor.

What unique is they use chopped wood in the burner, so it gives more taste and smell. And if you eat there, it comes with a set which consists of: various kinds of Kimchi (Korean traditional side dish made by fermented vegetable); various kinds of leaves (you can roll the meat with leaves and my favorite leave is mint leave).

For the drinks, you got (compliment) a kind of tea but made of corn. The taste is quite similar with Ocha (Japanese Green Tea). I like this one better though because Ocha is bitter than this one, also they served it extra chill very refreshing after enjoying their juicy delicious meals. We also tried the rice wine (forgot the name) it’s also very delicious, it’s very tasty; you should try! But I warn you, it’s quite strong drinks, so make sure you are not the one who behind the wheel.


*Left to right: The Chopped Wood as a burner; various kinds of Kimchi and veggie;

The delicious, juicy, and tender meat that makes me keep on craving it

And this is the Menu: