The SGD $1 Ice Cream

As we all know, Spore weather was similar with Jakarta! So it means prepare for a very hot day from morning till evening. Since we were a tourist so of course we spend our day mostly walking down the street from one place to another, with that kind of weather thank GOD they have an ice cream stands in every corner of the road.

There is one particular ice cream that steels my heart away!! It was this ice cream!!!!

Pssst, don’t tell anyone but The price was only SGD $1


They can serve it by three ways, you can choose one. First is eat it with pandan flavor bread, or eat it like regular ice cream (cup or cone), but my FAVORITE was with the wafer (a layer of biscuit).

For the flavor, they come with many flavors: Honey dew, Mangoes, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Durian, red beans, etc. But our ultimate favorite was Durian!!!! Yes I know, it sound disgusting, but trust me, it’s delicious. The Mangoes was also nice, but Durian is the best!! We likey, every time we encounter the ice cream stands there is no way we can say no to it! And fyi, it’s only SGD $1 (ONE dollar)! After a long walk, we take a break by sitting at corner of the road, take a gasp, eating ice cream and it would be even better if there is smoking bin near that corner.

Sitting, gasping, eating,