Once Upon a Time in My Neverland

If Peter Pan has a Neverland, I too have my own Neverland. The place could be anywhere as long as He and I went traveling together. I just love traveling; Got lost in the middle of nowhere, relying on Google map to give us direction, and enjoying the time for only ourselves. As if time were stopped and all of our issues, troubles, and misery seems doesn’t matter anymore. It just completely disappear, like for a while we hit the pause button for every thing that happens in our current live.

And thanks to Air Asia midnight sale last January, we got a cheap ticket to Singapore. After waiting almost 6 months since our prior booking, the day has finally come. Once again I went to my Neverland, just me and him exploring other country, this time: Singapore is the destination.

For the record, Air Asia sometimes could be tricky, they give you cheap price for the ticket but you have to pay some more if you want to book for the seat number and baggage. Since we have no plan to shopping there so we just book the tickets without baggage and we also decided not to pick a seat number, after all it’s only 1.5 hours flight. We ought to pay IDR 1.5 million (around US$ 160) for 2 tickets JKT-SIN-JKT.

So here I am, once again, on my Neverland, and I hope you all have your own Neverland too. Cause it’s nice to take a break from life once in a while, be a perfectly stranger to everybody except me and him.