Fragrance Hotel – Elegance, It’s where we were staying at!

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Like I said in the previous post, this time we want to travel with a tight budget, that is why we booked a budget hotel instead of three or more stars hotel. After searching from one site to another, finally we’ve come to our decision so our picked Hotel was Fragrance hotel in Little India.

My summary about this hotel is that: it is worth the price. The room is very small; it’s even significantly smaller from our hotel room in Hong Kong. But remembering the price, I guess we could tolerate it. For 3 nights we only pay IDR 2,1 million (around US$ 220), I repeat, for THREE NIGHTS! It means per night it was only US$ 73 (Singapore hotel rate is far more expensive than in Jakarta, so stop compare it)! I know, in Jakarta with that price we could get three stars rated hotel, but this is Singapore where everything is expensive, that price is a great offer.

For us, the hotel was decent since we only use it for resting at night. The location is quite fine, even though you have to walk about 10-15 minutes to the nearest MRT, but it’s near 2 MRT station; Bugis and Little India station, it shares different line so you have options, depend on your destination.  The most important thing is that the room and bathroom was very clean, for us that is enough! But the down side, since it was located in Little India there are lots of restaurant near the hotel, you can even smell curry in the room. But you’ll get used to it (unfortunately I didn’t). Next time, if we ever have a chance to explore Singapore again, I think I prefer Fragrance Hotel in Bugis or other budget friendly hotel like Ibis Bencoleen.


Poker Face,