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Thank god I have a husband who loves travelling as much as I do. And we now we are saving for our ultimate dream: TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD, Literary around the world, from one country to another. Julia & Yuriy was much of our inspiration; I’ve been their silent reader for almost two years now.

But before we can actually make our ultimate dream to be real we have to set the plan by start saving. I hope in another 5 – 6 years from now we can start our adventure. Can’t wait till the day come (^o^)v.

For now, we already pleased if we can make once a year trip to other country. As you all know in 2011 we went to Hongkong + Macao; in 2012 we went to Singapore (We’ll post the stories later); in 2013 also somewhere near since now I’m continuing my study to get my MBA so we cannot for a long time, maybe Vietnam we’ve always wanted to visit Halong Bay; for 2014 I hope in this time of the year I’ve completed my study so we can go somewhere little bit far like Korea, I always wanted to go there.

Hope before 2020 we can make this ultimate dream of ours come true. When we already settling everything down and could just go for a year or maybe more for traveling.

Crossing fingers,