The book of answer

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For the record, this event happened long before I got married:

One day I walked through Kinokuniya Book Store. There is one book in particular that catches my eyes; the title was “The Book of Answer”. I can’t help but imagining that book as I saw on one of TV series called Charmed. Then I wonder, does the book really have magic spell on it? Or will it really answering the entire question that popped in my mind? Or is it going to be the book that solves all my problem or dilemmatic, or hesitation?

Wanting to know the truth, without second thought I bought it right away. It’s quite funny actually, as I first asking question to the book, I feel nervous yet excited, my heart pounding so fast as if it could jump out from my chest. Maybe it’s because I’m wondering what answer will the book give me, but at the other side I’m afraid of it too.

The question was pretty simple: “Am I making the right decision of marrying him?”

And guess what? The answer was: “Ask your mother”

I laugh so hard I could die. Maybe I shouldn’t believe that book of answer, anyway there is no such a thing as that, isn’t it?!