Back to the Reality

We went to Hongkong + Macau for 6 days, 4 days in Hongkong and 2 days in Macau. Since there are lots of places that we visited in HK and Macau so we are not going to post each and every place in a special post. But here’s the summary.

1st day (Hongkong)

  • Arrival
  • Jumbo Floating Restaurant for dinner

2nd day (Hongkong)

  • Disnyeland
  • Temple street (a flea market open 24 hours, good place to find cheap souvenir if you can haggle

3rd day

  • Ngong Ping Cable Car : Cable car that take us to Buddhist Village, there is huge Buddha statue on top of the village)
  • City Gate Factory outlet in Tung Chung : Located in front of Ngong Ping Cable Car, Citygate factory outlet has a great offer in term of prices for branded sale. I think this is the cheapest branded sale (original) in Hongkong. I bought coach bag only HKD 1.200 / around USD 150.

4th day

  • Ferry Transfer from HK to Macau. The ferry ride took around 1 hour. In front of ferry station there are a lot of shuttle bus from almost every big hotel, so just find the right hotel for you to take and it’s free.
  • Walking around Senado Square

5th day

Visiting The Venetian all day


6th day (Last day)

  • Ferry transfer straight to the airport. We’re pleasantly surprise that they already have direct transport to airport so we just have to put our luggage in the ferry baggage and it will transfer directly to the airport of our destination. That is why if you want to take ferry from Macau to HK airport you have to show them your ticket.

Note: To buy ferry ticket from Macau to HK Airport we suggest that you buy it in advance, minimum 2 day prior because we bought the ticket night before our leaving and we almost didn’t get it since it was sold out. The only ticket remaining is the executive class so we got no other option than to buy it and for the record we got the last ticket before everything sold out. I can’t imagine if we were 10 minutes late. But it’s a lesson to learn guys.

So, that was all. Our journey has ended and now -like it or not- it’s time to back to the reality.