Bali, Here we Come!

Maybe you haven’t notice or maybe you did, but yes, I and he are both of a travel junkie. Ever since we were dated back then, every time we got bored with life or with each other we went travelling (psst, this is our recipe for 4 years dated and never break up, not  even for just a day!).

Okay, I know it’s not even 3 months since the day of our wedding, but anyhow we decided to go for another vacay aka honeymoon! This time, Bali is our perfect choice! Why Bali? Simple! It is because my family lives there; my father and my sister along with her husband and child. Also, they have a house there, so we can cut our spending by staying at my sister’s house rather than the hotel. But since this is the first time we go to Bali as husband and wife, we decided to rent a private villa for a day (we stay in Bali for 3 days).

After searching in lots of travelling website, we pick Bhavana Villa as our place to stay for a day. In my point of view, this place is a wonderful choice to stay if you are on a honeymoon or spending holiday with close family. The place is magnificent, it is very romantic, plus they put us in the back of the resort, so it is very private and secluded. Loveee it!

There is a mini private pool for every villa in the resort. It totally made our night magical, with a little candle light along the path way, chilled beer, hah its heaven! For the bathroom, hmm I cannot say I love the bathroom since it is semi-outdoor. And for a person like me who is afraid of the dark it is not good to have a semi-outdoor bathroom. But the design and decoration in the bathroom is fantastic!! They have a mini Jacuzzi as well. It is a nice break after swimming, Very relaxing! No other words needed to express our satisfaction of this villa and honeymoon. We would definitely 100% will come back again sometime near the future!!!

When morning comes, my sister with her husband and her 1 year old daughter come to visit us in the villa. Then all of us went swimming in the private pool, my sister, her husband and our niece seems to enjoy it very much too. Ah, me so happy! Oh yeah, here is some pic hope it could be useful, enjoy. (Pssst: sorry for the blurry image, since we took it with our blackberry camera) 🙂