Random Thought

Goodbye was never easy; it’s rough, cruel, and dark. That’s why I prefer to say “I’ll see you soon then” rather saying goodbye. In the hope that we might see each other again in anytime soon.

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Though people said that:

“Saying Goodbye Brings The Next Hello Closer”

But still, it was never an easy thing to do. It always scratch your heart, makes your heart feel some emptiness despite how close you are with that person.

Maybe it’s because the fact that another person had gone by from our life. Although he/she only took a teeny tiny part in our life, but sadness would always there. It’s like dark cloud before the heavy rain; you cannot separate one to another. Or maybe, it reminds us that this world consists of all the immortal things; people die, change their job, move abroad, or simply just move on, oh so many things.

So maybe if we could take a little time from our selfish life, we could be more appreciate for what we have. Remembering the way that people come and go through our temporary life; a simple hello to the people we love wouldn’t hurt, would it?