Ola’ Macau

Since we can get to apply Visa on Arrival in Macao, so without any second thought we decided to traveled pass the border to Macao.

The journey from Hongkong to Macau should be quite interesting since we traveled by ferry, but unfortunately I kind of had a sea sick. So I slept through the journey until it arrives in the ferry terminal. 😦

For me, Macau is a beautiful city with a great architecture. Entering the country it feels like you are in a middle of an old European country. But don’t be shocked if you see someone smoking inside the building, even in a hotel lobby.  Gross :((

After Hotel check-in we walked around the city to Senado Square. They decorate the square with Christmas ornaments and make that place looks so amazing at night. You may see it for yourself in the pictures below, beautiful isn’t it?