It’s Lisboa Where We’re Staying At

If you’ve been wondering where were we’re staying at in Macau, the answer is: Lisboa. Basically, the Hotel architecture is good enough, but it may seem a little old. But if you just want to find a decent hotel to stay that close enough to everywhere with reasonable price, I think Lisboa is quite a good option.

What I love the most from this Hotel was the bathroom. In our room, they have a Jacuzzi with music on it. So after a long day walk, it would be a great exchange to restore your energy. Every night when we were staying at the hotel, I always spend 1 hour to just enjoying a good bath with a good Portuguese wine (one of specialty in Macau is the Portuguese wine). The wine itself taste bitter than wine from Italy, France, or Australia, but still great.

Unlike the room in Hong Kong, in Lisboa Hotel the room is very big. Our little niece love to play in the room, she can even run from one side to the other.



This is Pic in front of our hotel. Nice, right?