Hong Kong Disneyland, is that it?

It brought me to my biggest surprise that Hong Kong Disneyland was very small. Maybe it’s the smallest Disneyland or even the smallest theme park I’ve ever been on! Not to brag, but I’ve been to Disneyland in Florida and it was huge! I spent 3 days there but it still was not enough to explore their four different theme parks, also they have the biggest Disney downtown and it was lovely! I was trying so hard not to compare it but I cannot help it! What bother me the most was the ride! They have only one thrilling ride and yet for me it’s not that terrifying at all! Maybe this place was meant only for kids. It could be heaven if I was a kid, but I’m not. So I was just walking around, taking pictures, eating and shopping.

But it’s still Disneyland after all. There are parades in the evening, fireworks shows, lots and lots of Disney characters, etc. So it’s still worth to visit, but not all day if you don’t bring kids with you.

Tips: I was in a huge regret that we didn’t have time to visit the ocean park. If you have planned to go to Hong Kong, try to manage some time to go there. Oh, and when we visited it was in December, at the evening parade they pour a fake snow in the parade area, so if you plan to go there on December, make sure you spare your time at 5 – 6 pm to see the parade.

Still happy though,




See The Fake Snow?