Say Hello to the City

Our first day in Hong Kong was wonderful. We arrived in Hong Kong at 4.00 pm (Hong Kong time is one hour ahead from Jakarta).

Once I stepped my foot in Hong Kong (after passed through the immigration of course) my first impression was WOW. I love how they manage the country, the infrastructure was so modern. They divide an ocean with a tunnel; a lot of Double Decker, even the highway has a highway. If only Indonesia could build their infrastructure as rapid as Hong Kong maybe our country would be that prosperous as well. Ah yeah almost forgot, we also love the weather; it was cold but won’t make you freeze.

After leaving the airport we go directly to our Hotel, which is located in Causeway Bay area. We love the location, the view, and the facilities of the hotel so we didn’t mind with the small room. After refreshing a little bit we immediately leave our room and headed to the Jumbo Dragon Restaurant.

To go to Jumbo, we have to travel with a boat, it is very short ride, less than five minutes ride. We love this restaurant. The concept was fine dining and the food was good. We had chicken, fish, squid, pok choy (a vegetable dish), and crispy enoki mushroom. I like the interior of the restaurant, so sorry we didn’t have a decent picture from the restaurant since our camera battery was drained. We only got picture from our blackberry.



*View from the front                                                          *inside the boat that take us to the jumbo


*inside the Restaurant                                    * outside Jumbo

Us 🙂