Me + Him = Happy

Okay, enough with all the sadness and depression, now it’s time to move on (starting from this blog, hopefully it would contagious to my real life)! So, now I’ll skip onto another post. This time I want to write something about my status changes, from single to wifey! Crap, I never thought that someday I can finally tie the knot and become a wife. Life is full of surprise isn’t it? *big-grin*

No don’t worry; I won’t bore you with the lovey-dovey newlywed’s sort of things. But for me, being married is the best thing that ever happens. First, now I know that no matter how bad my day was, I can always have someone to share it with, though just to listen what I have to say, nodding, hide my fears away, and give me the courage to stand up and back to the game! So lucky I have the best husband in the world. I couldn’t ask for more, and for that I feel so grateful.