Honey and The Moon

Well, hello again. Another happy post from us 🙂


As I mention in the previous post, since we’re newlyweds (at that time), we went on our honeymoon. Actually it is not a regular honeymoon since we were traveling along with our closest friends. Shocked ha? But that’s how we are, we’re not the lovey dovey couple, for us the more the merrier. The D-Day is 1 day after our wedding day. Everyone –and I quote- was like: “Are you insane?” Since we have to leave first thing in the morning, our flight was at 9.00 am so we have to leave our hotel room at 5.00 am! (Blame the check in prior 3 hours for international flight policy) Yet our wedding reception was not over until approximately 11.00 pm. But we can always sleep in the plane right!! And yes, Hong Kong is our destination.

Why Hong Kong? There are so many reason that we cannot explain here. Long story short, we just love that country. Actually it is our first time in Hong Kong but we instantly fall in love. Something about half eastern, half western that makes us fall in love to that country with just a blink of an eye. I’ve travelled through many countries in America, Australia, other Asia country, but it wasn’t the same as Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong, I love every country that I have visited, but in Hong Kong it just felt different. We love Hong Kong that much until I made a pact with my husband that we hope someday we’ll be able to live in Hong Kong just for couple of years. (Of course we love Indonesia way too much so we can never leave this country forever. We determine to grow old and enjoy the rest of our live here).

Want to hear about our Hong Kong + Macao Holiday? We’ll keep you posted later today. Enjoy.