Causeway Corner Apt

In this post, I will make a review about our hotel –well actually it is a serviced apartment- though our room is very small but it’s enough for us with a huge luggage (20 Kg each), the location is fantastic!! Even our tour guide was amazed by our hotel.  Seriously, it is located in the heart of Causeway Bay, MRT was just a short walk, near the shopping centre.

Plus the view from our room is amazing. Ask for higher level since the view is more spectacular at high level; we got the room at level 15, gosh our jaw dropped as soon as we saw the view. Beautiful oceans, calm waves, a lot of ships sailed, you can see the city light and the highway. There we realize that Hong Kong is never sleep, because there still a lot of car passing by the highway, even at 2’oclock in the morning. Love it!

*image taken from here

Not only the view but also the location is superb!  Once you step outside the hotel you’ll see lots and lots restaurant, from fast food to fine dining. The MTR (Hong Kong called their MRT by MTR) is a VERY short walk. Sogo was only 3 minutes walk while Time Square was 5 minutes.  Plus, it has complete facilities like kettle, microwave, Cable for internet, TV, DVD, outside the room there are self laundry machines (plus detergent) and Japanese hot tube, but we don’t use mostly of the item since we go out a lot!

Long story short: Despite how small the room was, we really enjoy our stay in Causeway Corner and definitely will come back if we ever get the chance to travel to Hong Kong again.

Note: The price of hotel in Hong Kong may vary from time to time. When we booked this hotel from agoda, the rate was around IDR 1.3 million (around USD 140) per night but now in the same site, the rate was around IDR 5.3 million (around USD 580). It’s so crazy, right? It’s not even a year after we booked it. When I saw the current price list my jaw dropped, my heart was torn into pieces, I’m completely shocked. There is no way we could afford hotel room worth IDR 5.3 million or USD 580 per room per night. It is ridiculous. I wonder how come the price rises that fast; it’s not even a year.