A Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend,

I think lately life is mean to us. I feel that there is a huge gap lying between us. It’s like I can see you but I cannot reach you. I don’t know who you are and I don’t know who I am when I’m with you anymore. I’m afraid one day we could fall apart; yes we could you know! It’s like you’re going this way and I’m going that way. How could this happen to us? What did we do wrong? And when did it started; you’re slipping away from me?

Friend, did you even notice it? As if I can see you talking but I cannot understand the words you’re saying, it’s like you’re talking in a different language. Or maybe I’m talking when you’re talking, so none of us is listening. Or maybe we’re just talking randomly, our words just babbling up with no meaning at all. Or maybe it’s just the way it is, we’re just slowly become strangers to each other, but I surely miss you though.

Missing you,