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Every day I try to convince myself that I’m happy with my job, when I can actually say that I love what I’m doing right now. But if that’s what I truly feel, why should I try sooo hard to make it look real? Why I have to say it over and over and over and over again that leaving my dream job as a Journalist is not a mistake?

Well I just hope they were right: Fake it till you make it. Because it is almost 2 years since I give them my resignation letter but until now I still feel sad every now and then simply because I miss being a journalist! Should I give up or move on?

“So the choice I have made may seem strange to you. But who asked you anyway? It’s my life to wreck my own way!!

So the life I have made may seem wrong to you! But I’ve never been surer!!! It’s my life to ruin my own way……..”

(Morrissey – Alma Mater)

Confused,  😦